Sonic Brandng

Sound evokes memory. With a strong audio strategy, you can literally speak to potential clients and create a connection with them by showcasing your services, whether it is through radio advertising, social media, TV, and audio streaming services.

Don’t sound like everyone else. You can easily stand out from the crowd with attention-grabbing tunes.

Brands that use music that is ALIGNED WITH THEIR BRAND IDENTITY are 96% MORE LIKELY to be REMEMBERED

Leicester University Study, 2018

Sonic Branding

Tagline Jingle

Make it easy for your clients to recall your law firm with a vibrant and powerful tagline jingle that they will always associate with your brand.

Taglines describe your brand’s value proposition through a short, memorable phrase. We help you find the right tagline for your law firm if you don’t already have a tagline or slogan.

Brand Music

Our music is fresh, original, and catchy. We provide a unique soundtrack that will help your audience recognize your business from the start of the commercial. This connection between a brand and song maintains you in your audience's minds, making it easier for them to remember you and what you have to offer.

This can be used in all media assets:

Phone Asset
TV Asset Radio Asset
Computer Asset


When it comes to building your brand identity, we don’t play it by ear. We take your vision to the next level by crafting every melody with attention to detail. We aim to produce your sonic branding assets within 30 days by following these steps:

Purchase package
Our packages offer you a complete sonic branding experience.
Brand personality survey
We want to explore your brand’s strongest assets and enhance them with sound.
Tagline creative review
Your input is the key to our music composition.
From songwriting to mastering, we take care of the entire production process.
Preliminary cut delivery and feedback
We work together in harmony to deliver smooth results.
Final cut delivery
We assure you the final product will be music to your ears!
Get ready for a successful release like a superstar.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Invest in your sonic branding strategy, and we handle the rest